Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Greetings from a Permie Newbie!


After a while reading a lot of blogs and reports from others around the world about what they're doing with their own 'backyard' in the Permaculture circles, I thought it's time for me to do mine.

I intend to do this weekly, reporting what I've done and planted, and what I am planning to do, as well as for advice or tips. I'd also include some photos of my 'backyard' for some visual examples.

If there is anything else you, my blog readers, would like to see here, please do let me know.

In next post, I will write up a summary of what I am up at with my backyard and what I plan to do, along with some photos.

Cheers till later!


Scarecrow said...

Hi Darls
Great to see a new permaculture blog up and running!!
Where abouts are you based (just roughly of course).
You seem to have had some good rainfall already this year! Speaking as someone who has only had 1.6mm so far... :)

DJEB said...

I hope that we can hear of your problems. The successes are great, but it's the problems that we learn from.

Looking forward to it!


Darls said...

Hello and thanks for the comments.

Didn't expect any replies within 24 hours of setting this blog! :D

Scarecrow, "ouch" from me re rainfall! That's so tiny... you can come and take some if you can!

djeb, there are heaps of 'problems' but I prefer to call them 'challenges'... sounds more positive, huh?


DJEB said...

Well, the problem is the solution...