Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sad News...

Within 3 days, we've lost 2 members. The most important member is Bilby, our Swedish Vallhund pup aged 10mths old to a road accident. He escaped one night through the unlocked gate and next doors heard him along with other dogs playing around their yards though the night and then someone informed us that a dog found dead on road near the bridge the following morning. I didn't notice him being missing because they were in the backyard when I went to bed, and the following morning I saw Tassie near door and didn't think much of it. Bilby never really stray far away from Tassie so I know wherever Tassie is, Bilby would be there - but this time I was wrong. Another neighbour brought him around for us to bury. We buried Bilby in the banana circle. Of course we all are very sad to lose such a sweet nature dog like Bilby, but Tassie is probably the most upset. She lost her great playmate as she is just slumping around for few days not sure what to do. At the moment, the search is on for another pup to replace Bilby for both Tassie and our kids sake. And yes it will be another Swedish Vallhund - I cant seem to be tempted to pick another breed.

We've lost another chook - this time its Shay, the PekinXSilkie. Not sure why or what happened but it seems she was attacked by some animal, possibly either a wild cat or a rat? So the chook count is now down to 12, and we will be getting rid of other two cockerels. I am considering selling off the young Croad Langshan pair because they won't mix with the main flock.

Last nite when I checked on the chooks after the killing of Shay, I noticed one of the CL chooks brooding again, so her name's now "Broodie"! I think its the same one that hatched the CL pair mentioned above. So I might have to source for eggs from afar as there's not enough coming in from ours at the moment - moulting time here.

The gardens going really well. Green climbing beans going very well, as I've harvest heaps the last few weeks and there will be more for the next 2 weeks. These beans tasted good - I am referring them as 'berns' cos they are beans but tastes very like corn!! Weird but yummy. The cucmbers are coming out very well, both green and golden globes. The rest of vegies have wounded down and dying off now, so time for replanting for autumn and winter. I need to clear the old vegie beds so I can plant more. Time is the most valuable commodity that I am pretty short at the moment, apart from water!

I've considered ordering more fruit and nut trees for this winter planting but decided to hold off till next year because the gardens have not been worked on and needs to be prepared, etc. However not enough time to do so...

I do admit sometimes it does get quite depressing when I realised I am actually behind the schedule however I know that it will be done no matter when. In a way, this property is teaching me the true art of patience. Funny, eh?

I've gone "CWA" according to my DH! I've started on sewing, cooking, preserving, mending and make-do with many things around here. I even brought home some second-hand stuff too. I think it's more a balancing act to ensure what is needed and what can be salvaged rather than discard and buy more 'new' but environmentally destructive items. This reminds me of a great clip that I recommend everyone to see it, I even suggested to my kids to have their teachers showing it in classrooms - they just give me a look! hehe...

"The Story of Stuff" - Just click on the clip called "The Story of Stuff".

In case you haven't worked out yet what CWA stands for - "Country Women's Association of Australia"...

I've set up other two blogs on top of this blog:

Sewing - Sew Clucky

Cooking - Food Box Recipes - this one I will work on more as I've obtained an interesting kitchen helper called "Thermomix".

Anyhow, when it really cools down around here - Summer still haven't let go of the reins over the seasons at the moment, although Autumn is doing her best to push Summer off, especially in the mornings! - I will start doing more jobs around the property and post it here, along with the news on Teralba's critters.

Cheers till later!

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