Monday, March 14, 2011

YES!! All's done!

Yep, all the pavings done!

Here are the photos - Enjoy. Just ignore weeds, mess, etc!

The path from house to the Chook Palace... I am never without my furry assistants around

At the future Vegie Garden Zone - all paved, just waiting to have the weedy holes to be levelled and the garden beds on them then I can go happy sowing/planting vegies, herbs, etc!

 From the Chook Palace to the house...Almost a straight paved line, eh?

The Compost area - just need to make slats to keep dogs off the compost mix!

The end of Compost area - we have ensure that the pavers goes under the fence so there would be no chooks digging under to get to the delicious fresh tucker...


See the contrast of new and old pavers! We got the factory seconds pavers for great price and it looks good. Now my challenge is to keep weeds out of the gaps between pavers!! Any tips or tricks, apart from pulling them every day? :D


The trampoline view over the paved area... 

Not bad for two amateur landscapers... :D  - Your comments?

Sorry we cannot accept any commissions at any time!

Cheers till later!


Mandy said...

Looks awesome! =) Make room for some red cabbage in your new veggie patch!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Its all done now! Good work! Waiting for u to grow those vegies & fruit! (lil sis)