Saturday, April 23, 2011

A close finish to the race!

A race to the completion between Teralba's Vegie Corner and Spain's La Sagrada Familia (by long-deceased Antoni Gaudi) had begun a while back and the winner will be confirmed tomorrow.

For those who are so uncultured enough to not knowing what or who is the La Sagrada Familia or Antoni Gaudi, allow me to educate you:

La Sagrada Familia:

photo from
Known as Holy Family Church located in Barcelona, Spain. Apparently this building started in 1882 and was Antoni Gaudi's most ambitious work and that he drew up alot of ideas and plans for this poor church! However Antoni died before the construction was completed and now what's the funnies thing is that the construction is still going on! I believe the Spanish Government aimed to have the construction really completed by 2020...

Antoni Gaudi was born in 1852 and died in 1926 - he was an architect who liked to use the forms that represents nature. I've been to one of his works at Vienna - it was awesome. Anyway, he had this crazy idea of building a huge church and he realised he won't live to see it completed so he had everything planned out, however as there were so many designs so it was left open for interpretations! No wonder it is still not finished!

So now you may ask what's the connection with La Sagrada Familia and Teralba's Vegie Corner.

Well, the connection is that both are still not finished after a long stretch!

Here's the latest progress report of the Vegie Corner:

Yep, we managed to built up 9 beds out of 10 as of today!

Sorry about the muddy mess - it was raining last weekend and today! I think the gods of landscaping and whatever are still not impressed with our works!

So who do you think gonna win the race?

Sorry the betting is not permitted!

In the next post, I will describe how we built the wicking beds. 8 beds out of 10 are wicking beds, not just beds for the wicked vegies! There is a certain difference...

The two back beds are free drained ones, intended for large spaced plantings such as potatoes, melons, etc. Yesterday I planted in 10 seed potatoes. Next week I will be planting in garlic bulbs and onions in other bed.

Once the grounds are cleared, it will looks fab. We just can't wait to see this finished, after nearly 9 months - just about right? lol...

Catch you later, folks!

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Anonymous said...

Nice vegie gardens... I am about to buy one this weekend from bunnings... to have 10!! I have serious vegie garden envy!! LOL... I lsot your blog for ages and I'm glad I found it again... Cheryle (Chezza- als) xx