Sunday, July 17, 2011

Oh, what a frosty morning...

Last Tuesday (12th), it's minimum was -2, according to the outdoor thermometer!

First I saw this on lawn

Then I realise it was a nice and light frost so took photos.

Thus it is mainly a photos blog, rather than an informative blog...

Blades of grass
Beaded daisy flower - Gorgeous!!
Jonquils (hoped I spelt it correctly)
Then I checked out the vegie beds zone and discovered they were dusted as well...

Ice beads on broccoli leaf
Dusted spinach leaf on dusted mulch
Even some potato plants were dusted
The edges of lettuces were laced with frost - colour isn't good here.
Another beaded kale leaf
You can see some ice on this leaf!
It was gorgeous to see very tiny ice cubes on the red cabbage leaf
Once again dusted baby spinach leaf
A geranium leaf really shows it attracts frost really well
The front were dusted as well...

Not easily seen but almost all lichen were dusted but as sun hit, all dissipated...
Nicely laced leaves of weeds in lawn
View to South - frost all the way
Lovely yellow rose - all beaded
One of first two plum trees flowered for the year
Magnolia - ready to open soon...
View to West - frost all the way with Tassie following me
Finally went inside and saw this lovely sunlit fake flower arrangement so thought I'd add as well...

So I hope you've enjoyed all this.

Teralba report: 6 baby pears are growing out of two pear trees (the only pear trees I can see have flowered and fruited - seems to be a while to grow, etc); plum trees flowered - two trees so far, but already other three are not far behind; several apple trees budded; an old nectarine tree all budded and a few flowered. Harvested another bucketful of Lemonade, oranges and broccolinis.

Cheers till later!

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