Sunday, February 5, 2012

We've got a chestnut growing!!

Yah! There's a cute and very spiky chestnut growing on one of the chestnut trees that survived the abuses from the mowing guys over the last 3 years!

So exciting for me.

And if you go back to the earlier post dated Monday, August 10, 2009 regarding the chilling hours required for fruit trees, you'll see few things there. Both Kiwi fruit and Chestnuts require 400+ chilling hours so it just shows how cold it can be out here, if they can grow fruit/nut, eh? Both Almond and Walnut trees are doing quite well so far. I do recall seeing some fruits on the almond trees but when I checked other week, there's nothing on them so someone knows about them growing there?

Today I was very busy making two batches of jams - Berries Jam and Plum & Port Jam. Both taste so yummy! I think Berries Jam will go very well on pancakes.

My first time with proper jam making and I am still not quite there with the processing, etc! I am still trying to find the misplaced 'Blue Ball' book so I am just winging it with various recipes on and off internet. Turned out just fine so far. I've made pineapple jam batches twice and both are so good. I will post the recipe in my cooking blog, anyway.

Am starting on planning and planting the early winter crop - gotta put on the mushroom compost first!

We are looking into investing a blueberry grove because the local blueberry farm has just been sold and the new owners only wanted to grow horses! bah!

No photos today, sorry.

Cheers till later!

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