Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bean Time...

Looks so lovely, don't they?

I harvested and blanched 800g of green and yellow French beans from my vegie garden! Pretty proud of myself that I did something so 'practical'. They're in the freezer for now as I love to add them into my stews over winter. Yummy!

Managed to harvested about 400g of green tomatoes - all on window sill waiting to turn red.

Ate some homegrown bananas, they're nice but not so tasty like those Cavendish from shops. Can't complain when we can get 'free' bananas, eh? Used up some into mini muffins that I baked today. I liked it anyway.

The weather is now getting quite chilly lately, so AUTUMN is here! Yah! Actually she made her appearance a while ago, but this week I really noticed her!

Only main complaint I have here is the speed of reproduction of the mould everywhere around the house! I put up two 'damp absorbers' in my wardrobe a couple of weeks ago and today I checked. Full of water! Ack! So there is a very high level of moisture in here at the moment and I am not sure how to fix so that the growth of mould would decrease...

Any ideas?

Back soon with more details.

Cheers till later!

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