Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nearly end of Winter

And we've been hit with 1 degree C and frost this morning!

The Greenhouse project has started - I spent a lovely Sunday clearing out the area marked for the greenhouse, just behind the carport next to the big shed.

It will be wonderful once it's built as it would enable the planting program to run more smoothly (as much as I can anyway!).

Vegie Garden zone is doing well - harvesting lettuces, spinaches, broccoli, peas and herbs. I also harvested citrus fruits - mandarins, oranges and lemonades. Lemon Butter coming up! The mandarins are great this year.

The Fruit Grove had a haircut a few weeks ago and looks lot better now. We just need to fence it to deter rabbits and mulch it all over before Summer hits us.

The Banana Circle's getting very crowded and we will have lots of bunches to munch through very soon! Time to work on the circle before snakes come back.

We've got kittens, both gals - in training to be the 'barn cats' for our big shed to get the rodent problem fixed and scare off the pesky possums. At the moment the feline sisters are inside the house as they are only 12 weeks old. Kids just love them to pieces - the kittens are really great, quite laid back and affectionate!

Not much else has been happening as it's the maintenance period for this property. Hopefully within 2 weeks I'd have something interesting to report and share photos.

Cheers till later!

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Ompa said...

Hi Darls. Oma here. Mandarins were yummy.