Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dreaded Winter Rationing??

Well, we finally picked up 3 chooks and the hutch and they've settled in just fine. They recognise me and would peck close to me, probably waiting for something more 'yummy'.

Anyhow, what's with chooks at the moment? Or am I expecting bit too much at the moment from chooks? How many eggs should we expect from a group of 3 chooks everyday?

You see, we got the chooks last Tuesday, and its 6 days now and they have only managed to cough up 4 eggs for us! Just 4 eggs out of 3 chooks in 6 days! I didn't realise they'd be that stingy with eggs...

Oh well, time will tell if this is the pattern.

We've organised for an quote on getting the fences done on the property - chooks area and dam area. We're still waiting for the quote to arrive... Once we've got the chooks area fenced in, then I'll get more chooks along with one rooster. In the area, we are only permitted to have up to 10 chooks. So I am thinking of adding to the 3 Leghorn cross chooks we have now with 2 Australorps, 2 bantams and a rooster (of what breed I don't know yet). The kids are dreaming of those little yellow fluffy balls...

I am writing up the list of what edible plants we'd like to have on the property. So better get back on that now and order those I can asap.

Cheers till later!

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