Friday, April 25, 2008

A Very Drenched Week It Was...

Wow... the whole week, it was just raining and raining and raining... I think the land's sooooo saturated now. I've already worked out a couple of spots that needs to be changed into ponds and a part, perhaps the lowest spot of whole land, with next door that needed to have an agri-pipe installed and encourage the next door folks to install a pond on its course to the creek. This is to drain the water that is flooding the area and to move the water into the creek quicker. I'll have to investigate whether this is feasible or there is alternative.

It was a great excuse to hole up inside the house and researching on what fruit and nut trees we could grow here. So far I've written up a large list of trees I'd like to have, and now I am culling the list. It is something I think I like to do proper and only once, hence a lot of researches with books, catalogues and internet. Hopefully by end of next week I'll have the list finalised and all the locations identified for each trees. Thus I would be able to fix each 'hole' in preparation for the planting.

The chooks are not so enthusiastic about the rain - we were only blessed with 3 eggs out of 3 chooks in 6 days!

I've just realised there's a population explosion of Purple Swamphens here at the moment: 7 adults and 2 juveniles with a nest going on right on edge of dam. And there must be a bat colony nearby as tonight just after 5.30pm, I noticed there were a number of large bats flying out from the NW of the bush from here = need to plan for bat-proof plants here then.

Ah well, if rain lets up for the next 2 weeks, I hope to get some work in gardens done. (and of course inside the house, dear).

Cheers till later!

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