Saturday, June 14, 2008

A month flew past...

It has been a month since I last blogged. A lot happened.

The Introduction to Permaculture (TAFE's Outreach version: "Vegetate & Educate") is over now, and I gained a lot from this course than I could from books. Those free tips, plants and stuffs we all shared were really amazing. I now have a banana circle, a several seedlings and a lone strawberry - thanks to those who gave them away! The course have just whetted my appetite for more, so I am on the lookout for PDC!

We've got new fences put in - at the big pond (aka dam) and at the back, around the watertank and cubby house, for the chooks. My hubby refers it as the Chook's Taj Mahal, as it covers quite a big area! We are still working on the conversion of the cubby house into the Chook Palace, including an area for quails inside and outside the Palace. I will add photos when it is done.

Speaking of chooks, our white girls are doing well so far, two of them are now laying (well as far as we could tell!) from time to time. I've added a tally on the sidebar of egg collection. The eggs are quite yummy. We have just been asked if we could adopt a rooster - we're still considering it.

With lots of rains last week, the areas are quite muddy, so we are now making notes as to what to do with some parts - put in bricks to stablise the soil for walkways, put in agri-pipe to direct some water to other parts, expanding sizes of ponds! We will be adding a couple of small rainwater tanks, both for the animals - one at the Chook Palace and one at the dog pen.

I've done a lot of work inside the house, adding window dressings, painting more walls, re-arranging kitchen to make it workable (still need some tweaking, though) and chucking more stuff out. Slowly but sure progress here.

I've been surfing, looking for information on growing vegies, herbs and fruits, on making bread, yoghurts and cheese, as well looking for great remedies on using natural ingredients for both cleaning and personal use. I'm wondering how we would be able to do all this if we need to go self-sufficient then? What will we do for toilet paper, paper, etc... we'll worry when we have to then. ;)

Ah, my kids have just joined Scouts locally and loves it. They've got lots of great activities which should be good for kids. Let's see how long this will last as my older kid was telling me he'll be aiming for the Venturer Scout, that's about 5 to 7 years away!! I tell them to do one step at a time, but good to have some aims to go with anyway.

Ok, I'll stop and go. Next time I blog, I'll have to post some photos!

Cheers till later!

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