Thursday, May 8, 2008

Checking out "Land for Wildlife" scheme

I saw a sign "Land for Wildlife" at one of the properties we were looking at buying and thought I'd like to check it out, but didn't get around to it till now. There are quite a few signs around the rural part of central coast - Apparently it's run/provided by "Community Environment Network" (CEN).

I like the contents it has provided on its website and printed out the whole "Nature Watch Diary". It would be a wonderful activity for me and my kids. I am also putting our "Expression of Interest" form for the 'Conservation on Private Land', which would then lead to have our property certified for the 'Land for Wildlife', etc. They offer free site inspection and any other help, which sounds good.

There's a section on land, on the east side, that has bushland (it looks more like semi-rainforest to me, gorgeous to walk through albeit bit steep and rough). The plan is to 'fence' that part for the natives while the rest is for us.

Lately, we're getting so many birds on our property: native ducks, straw-necked ibises, purple swamphens, peewee, masked lapwings, magpies, kookaburra, lots of small birds... its amazing how all co-exist for few hours, before some birds moves on. If I get another opportunity, I will try and take a photo of this event.

Oh, speaking of birds, our 'domestic' chooks have been getting quite regular with laying eggs... 14 eggs for 3 weeks. The pattern seems to be one egg every other day - so I think once we've got the chook palace up, I'll have to check which 3 chooks actually laid most of the eggs!

I believe that tomorrow we will get 4 quails! Let's see how that going to work for us - I love their eggs.

Cheers till later!

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