Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Chook Palace

Here it is, folks! Teralba's Chook Palace:

The Chook Palace was recently modified, by my wonderful and patient hubby. It was used as a garden shed or as a cubby house before we bought the property and thought that cubbyhouse is so cute. Kids didn't really want to play in it so we thought we'd let chooks have it as their own pad. The fence was done recently too, including gate. The modifications we did to the Palace are:

The fireplace: We took off the cover and fixed it so it can be accessible, without spoiling the rustic beauty of it.

Presto, egg collection zone! Even kids can open it. It has a catch on it to hold during wind days.

Inside of the Palace - we added two roosting posts, salvaged from a fallen tree on our property with a spare rod as well. Chooks seem to love it. There's three nesting boxes - we are dreaming of adding more chooks!! We are only "allowed" to have up to 10 chooks. Wood shaving as floor covering because there's wooden floor under it. We have the windows removed, added chicken wire to cover the windows and put back the window but so we can open them for ventilation. I still need to fix the door so it won't scrape the floor as we open.

See, the chooks are so grateful for their own Palace that they left us a little gift! We would get up to 3 eggs per day. Yesterday we got three, but today we only got one. The white egg in picture is just a plastic egg to encourage chooks to lay in that particular box.

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Pencil said...

Lovely!! Fotos of the cubby house for me to see how it has converted into 'The Chook Palace' - it sure does look superb! Well done sis! ;-)