Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Jap Quails

My older son, Nat 'owns' 4 Jap Quails - 3 females and one male. He is still waiting for those 'money-making' eggs to arrive...

Their accommodation: They live inside with the chooks, inside their own large cage with an exit to their outdoors zone. This outdoors zone is covered with anti-bird wire-net and has two doors to open from top. Most of time, the quails seem to love it outside.

One of the quails did the Betsy's Escape last Wednesday, much to Nat's dismay. He told me that he was trying to encourage quails to go back inside for the night, catching a quail to push it inside through the trapdoor. The white quail decided she won't take the treatment and flew straight out of his grasp and through the door, and alllllllll the way out over the chook run and landed on the next door's trailroad! OVER the bloody 6 feet tall fence, a wee tiny quail! What a waste re having the fence built!

He came to me, quite upset so told him to check where she is quickly as it was getting dark then. I found a sheet of light cloth to use to trap quail under. We walked quickly around the gate again, me thinking the irony of the fence and pattern of poultry's escapes! Nat looked at me relieved as he spotted his favourite quail squatted under some brush, very still. Captured her and passed her to Nat to be put back inside the quails cage. She, who remained unnamed, was a bit indignited about the mistreatment.

I've already decided I will have to plant a couple of tall shrubs or small trees in front of the fences to discourage them from flying straight to the Betsy's spot. Now I need to find the plants asap before any more attempts.

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Pencil said...

Put up some fotos of quails for me puhhlease, Nat! ;-)