Monday, August 25, 2008

The Jap Quails

We have four Jap quails - 3 females and 1 male.

Two females - the white one being my boy's favourite quail - she is also 'smart' but can really fly if she wants to!

The female from above, my boy refers her as one of the twins - the other twin is below. This one is more active.

Other twin, she's more shy, likes to hole up in the quails cage all day - have to push her outside all the time!

Here's the lucky male quail - get to have 3 females to look after. He is not doing such a good job though - no eggs yet and he's not that great at herding females to suitable spots! Definitely not like a rooster ! heh...

You can see the neck and head markers - male got the most distinctive ones than females.

At the moment they're nameless - but they're not destined to go on the table, our boy would not let us. They should be around 4 months old, way past their time to lay eggs, so have to look at the causes for not supplying us delicious eggs! Not enough light is the most likely cause at the moment.


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