Monday, August 25, 2008

Introducing Tassie...

Thought it is time to introduce Tassie, our 9 months old puppy.

Her breed is Swedish Vallhund - one of rare breeds in world. Such delightful breed in my opinion. I came across this breed on an article from a magazine "Grass Roots" and really liked the size and potential of the breed. So the hunt started in Jan, just before we moved to this property and I found a breeder not far from us. So contacted them for info and availability of a puppy 'now'.

They do! So by March, we got Tassie, a 4 months old puppy then. She was very shy, nervous and has a low appetite (still do though - probably in her nature as she's small for her breed). However we all fell in love with her and cajoled with her to be more relaxed around us. It took many months before she is.

This is Tassie, at the grand age of 8 months.

She's a fast learner, run/play really fast, loves to have a cuddle or two, and is always curious about what we are doing - following us and try to 'help'. We will put her on agility course when she is older as I think she will enjoy that kind of sport the most. At the moment there is a pair of masked lapwings who are bomb diving on her everyday and she treat this as a game!

So next time you come around, please do take time to greet Tassie and play a ball game with her.


Anonymous said...

cute dog... what about a photo of the owner!

Darls said...

Should I?

How about you telling me who you are first??


Cheers, D