Thursday, October 16, 2008

Been a while...

Didn't realised it has been a month since I last reported here.

Sorry to those who have been checked in here to find me being a slack ;)

Anyway, lot has happened over the last month, so let me summarise them here:
  1. Croad Langshans - we got a trio, 2 hens and a cockerel. All at the age of 8 months old. All black with nice green sheen on feathers. Lovely personalities. Quite brown eggs, so that's a plus - we would be able to tell the difference and put aside those we want to keep for chicks and to sell the fertilised eggs. Already got an order! They're quite larger than our Leghorn X chooks! They've not really mixed together well yet, but still early days. Fingers crossed all will settled in as all 6 chooks are in the chook palace together tonite.

    My boy, the Cockerel
  2. Azolla on the dam - we've got a carpet on our dam! The carpet is called Azolla, apparently a water plant that grows double its size within 10 days if the water's still or slow moving. So this is the clue that the pumping is not working! Already called the pumping guy to show up and fix it up. I suspect we will need to replace the tower frame and perhaps some parts. I hope we'd get to keep the fan! Azolla's a great plant fertiliser, so I've been busy 'raking' it out so I can put it around plants. Hard work here, need volunteers! ;)

  3. Growing - we've got a veggie patch up and going. So far we've enjoyed those wee tiny tommies, some herbs (basil, parsley...), lettuce and shallots. Quite yummy. The Fig trees and nectarine tree are growing fruits now, so we've built a stand to throw bird netting over to stop those cheeky natives from taking our fruits! The citrus trees are flowering wildly at the moment, with bees being very busy! So it will be bountiful by next year!

  4. Planting in - we've got a long long list of plants we want to plant. However it is subjected to availability so we've just go with the 'flow'. Planted passionfruits, more vegies, white mulberry tree, raspberries and boysenberry. I just need to plant a Meyer lemon tree in and buy an 'Eureka' lemon tree soon.

  5. Ticks and Tassie doesn't mix! Tassie our puppy-dog already got 3 tick attacks within 2 months and we've nearly lost her twice. The vet bills have climbed too high now. My hubby's giving me the 'told you so' look, heh. We've got to somehow keep Tassie away from the bush area and any tall grasses. Not a easy task to do, but we're looking at a few options at the moment, so stay tuned.
That's about it for now. I am tired at the moment, worked too hard! I dug up heaps of daffoild bulbs today from a small garden bed, so I could use the bed for more plantings.

Anyhow, I will post more over the next week with my wishlist of veggies and fruits.

Cheers till later!


Allen said...

Looks like a lot of fun and also hard work! Hope you didn't attract too many leeches. Anita and Allen

Darlene said...

Heh, thanks A&A!

We're having fun though - no leech attacks so far!