Friday, November 28, 2008

So close to end of the year...

Know what this means???

It just means we've been here for nearly a year already!

Where have the time gone to?

Oh well...

Guess it is a good time to make a list of what we've already done around here for the course of 10 months living here. It would help us seeing how far we've gone...

List of stuff we've done:
  • Painted the inside of house (bedrooms, living rooms, bathroom, hallway and study)
  • Fenced around the dam
  • Fix Chook palace and fenced it (including installing a water tank)
  • Brought in chooks
  • Brought in a dog (Yep, Tassie turned one human year / 7 doggy years old a couple of weeks ago!)
  • Fix up my own study
  • Fix up all stuff in house
  • Worked out how all the plumbings worked
  • Hired a Permaculture Design Consultant for ideas and design of what we can do here
  • Planted banana circle
  • Planted vegie beds
  • Harvested and pruned fruit trees
  • Fix up both little and big sheds
  • Weeding, mulching and planting around the citrus orchard
  • Got involved with Central Coast LETS
  • Got involved with ALS
  • Studied an Introduction to Permaculture at Wyong TAFE
  • Planning all the areas for the property
  • Held many parties here already
  • Hosted many sleep-overs
  • Met all the neighbours (all lovely)
  • Kids settled in the local school
  • Kids joined Scouts (Jackie in Joeys and Nathan in Cubs)
  • Nathan joined local cricket club
  • Ari's in local child care and loves it
  • Giving away surplus of our produce (fruits and eggs so far - chooks get the greens from vegie beds)
Not bad, eh?

At the moment, those are what is coming for 2009:
  • Build pome and stone fruit orchard
  • Fix up the dam, including the pump
  • Build kids zone (including hideaway, swings, etc)
  • Build Vegie Zone
  • Build West side pergola for shading
  • Breed chooks
  • Fix up the front gardens
  • Installing cricket net inside the shed (for boys)
  • Fix up little office into art studio (for kids)
  • Create more spots for plantings
  • Fix up more on chook run
Still heaps to do, eh?

Till later!

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Anonymous said...

Hey sis! U have achieved plenty! Congrats! ;-) Cu in 9 days! x