Monday, March 9, 2009

It's March!

Wow... how fast time have gone by!?

It is official - we've been here 14 months and we barely have anything really done up - we're fakies!


Actually we've done lots however they're "small" so doesn't rate much to mention here.

The only exciting 'news' are:
  • A new 13ft trampoline for kids - we all love it! :)
  • A Cubby House, built with 100% recycled materials. We just need to landscape the spot and build some small shelves inside along with extra window then kids will move out of house into this cute Cubby house!
  • We hosted a large party here (over 50 people) for friends as part of their Renewal Ceremony - great but very wet day!
Icky stuff happened here such as:
  • We found a rat nest with 6 babies - had to bury them alive as mum abandoned them when we dug up the Quails Run to put down the Vermin-proof wire net down as we've noticed holes and food going down too quickly. Quails Run's all done and looks great, just need to buy something wet-proof sheet for the top of cage.
  • Putting down old recycled Sleepers at the Chooks Palace's Egg Collection Zone - it can get quite muddy and slippery so need something there for us to walk to. The rest of pathway will be paved soon, I hope! I just need to re-do the Chooks Palace's Egg Collection Zone's Door as rains got it warped out of shape and rats/mice been getting in. I'd need time to organise this anyway.
  • Had the water pump at the dam repaired - it has been out of service for about 4 months. Now we just need to get the frame of the windmill replaced as most have rusted out! The dry creek at dam have been cleared of grass and such and looks good now. I would need to get it done up and plant more appropriate plants there - more native and water-loving plants, and put in more pebbles to make it more easier to walk on, and to get the frog pond cleaned up and refitted. Lots to do!
  • Cleaned up and refitted the Shed - looks lot better now. Glad it was all done - took us a while thou.
Now, I just need to get someone in to build those raised gardenbeds for vegies and do some landscaping for the Kids Zone (where the trampoline and Cubby House is at moment) and adding a set of swings there.

For the next three months, I hope to have 1/3 of the fruit orchard set up, 1/4 of the windbreak planted, 2/3 of the vegie beds planted in, building 2 compost bays, and adding a few more chooks!

We've lost one chook to heat and egg-bounding... And the rooster is not looking too good either - his problem is that he would not perch on the roosting rod!! Lost his tail feathers... Gotta get rid of rats/mice then try to get The Boy to be more 'brave' and try to roost on rod at nights.

The bushfires in Victoria got us re-thinking how we'd be prepared for ours here. We are very tempted with the idea of building a fire bunker - however we think it may be easier just to jump in the dam with wool blankets! Anyhow, it is something we need to put into plan especially for kids. Also for flooding issue too, just in case...

Apart from all those above, the vegies and herbs are doing quite well lately. Harvested a HUUGGEEEE watermelon - it was so delicious! Unfortunately we didn't think to weight it before cutting it up - too excited! I think it's more heavier than our 4yo son, so that means about 20kg!? Harvested roma tomatoes, finger eggplants, more green beans, beetroots, lettuces, a couple of rockmelons (delicious too!), as well some herbs - parsley and basil. Oh there's nice celery plants going too - harvested a few, but they're still quite small though, and a burpless cucumber plant's fruiting now.

The banana circle is going well - we're definitely having 6 banana plants growing with a pawpaw tree in middle. At moment, the grass' overgrowing - but it is on the list of To-Do for this week and next week. No fruits yet - probably wont get any till this Summer anyway.

I've decided not to plant anymore until the hard landscaping have been done. So that means we'll have to buy more - there's a food box going on and a dry pulse Coop happening - both should help tiding us over till I get the whole system up and going by Spring if I am lucky. There's an organic butcher that delievers meats weekly, so will use that service soon.

See what I mean, all bits and nothing newsworthy to report about! heh..

Cheers till later!

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