Sunday, June 7, 2009

3rd day on the Project

On 3rd day of our Project now... so here's the latest report of its progress.

The pear strip's edged in, just needed to be tidied up, screwed in, etc.

And the Fruit Grove area:

We used all the cardboard boxes we used for moving - however it seems it may be not enough so will be using newspapers when we've run out of cardboard.

Testing how the mini loader works with moving and dumping soil onto the cardboarded area. You can see soil on top above.

Here's the mini loader we hired for 2 days, starting today. We're having fun operating it!

Here's the big piles of soil we have to move to both grove and strips! The soil's awesome - ANL with manure mixed through, so it's so soft, smells great and is at neutral in soil pH.

We're going with the general concept of "$10 hole for $1 tree", so the soil's one of the good ones we can use here. Have to heap on lots for the fruit grove and let it settle for few weeks, before the rest of fruit trees arrives.

Here's the whole fruit grove we have to work on...

Me on the mini loader - great fun, but hard when the ground is so muddy!

Now you know what we do with our kids... make them WORK! (insert evil laugh here)

Great team working hard here

Our trusty lawn mower/tractor...

At the end of day 3, we are blessed with double rainbows! Wonders what it will mean for us..

Will report more either tmw night or Tues pm. Stay tuned!

Cheers till later!

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