Friday, June 5, 2009

The First Project has begun!

Well, for a while I've been waiting for this to start... The establishment of the fruit trees grove and strips!

This is the view of the unspoiled front lawn facing south

And the view over the front lawn area where the grove is going to be.

Standing on the knoll of the area, next to the white mulberry tree looking out to west.

And this is the largest strip we will do - the Pear trees strip along the fence. We got sick of trying to keep the grass under control along the fenceline so I got this crazy idea that we could use the area for pear trees - time will tell if this will work!

Now to the back of the property. This is the main trellis area where kiwifruits grows. We want to improve this area, removing the lemon tree to another area (whether it will survive is another question we cannot answer at the moment), etc.

As citrus grows well around here, we want to expand our citrus area by using the strip along the fence , adding bed to the area - less grass to cut.

This is the lowest part of the property, on the left is the fig tree, growing so well, but too close to the septic tank (so far its staying in as it is behaving!). The citrus strip will extend to the bottom of here.

How will we achieve all that massive jobs??

By using the most-sought after Weapon of Mass Destruction, aka trencher!!!

Hired and unloading... its our first time using this tool.

T's concentrating very hard handling the Weapon...

And using the edgers to control the grass and dividing the areas. Its ACQ treated pine sleepers - reputed to be more safer than the usual ACC treated pine sleepers. They're 2.4m long and 200mm high and 50mm wide. Quite heavy actually. We will be using hardwood pegs to hold them in place.

Now you see why we're referring the trencher as weapon of mass destruction...

More stripped area...

Now the edger's fit in nicely. We will be putting all the edgers in tomorrow and Sunday. Gonna be a long hard days for us - carrying heavy pieces across lawns, drop in trenches, hammering, drilling, etc...

Now, the first batch of 140 fruit and nut trees are here!

More coming when its completed.

Cheers till later!

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