Thursday, June 18, 2009

Teralba's Critters Update!

Thought an up-date on the critters is due.

So enjoy the online tour heh.

'My Boy' - he proven to be quite a good rooster to his girls and almost ready to take on Tassie whenever she comes too close to the fence.

He is now approx one year old. No 'descendants' yet. I had a worrying time when I noted his tail feathers fell out and thought it may be because he was sitting on floor during nights and that maybe rats have irritated him or something. It took me a while to work it out - he was just moulting! So now he's all in his own glory... ain't he beautiful?

The Alpha Pair!

This is Bertha - the best layer of the original trio. Still powering on at the moment...

Norma, one of the original trio - she's more timid and still moulting at the moment. You can actually tell the difference on conditions of those two white girls - colour of comb, size of tail feather and volume of feathers overall...

Now this is Reddy - one of my favourites as she's the most confident, noisiest, and greedy little pig! She is never satisfied with the food I left for the rest, keep following me afterwards and hoping for some 'hidden treats' I could be carrying all just for her!

Quails - one have left the coop and their owner's sad. So there's only one male with 2 females. And no eggs for such a long time now - guess its past their 'due-dates'?

Now, part of the gardens, next to the compost bay. We have this gorgeous pink Salvia growing there and its like the epi-centre for all winged critters!


And native bees - they're so tiny... this one is like black specks on edge of lower petals of flower. Too fast so hard to catch them motionless...

Here's my gorgeous littlies - my boy and my dog. They're also great playmates.

Thanks to someone, I am now a proud owner of a second-hand Egg Incubator!! It holds up to 70 eggs! Can you imagine me minding 70 chicks? NOPE! However it was a 'bargain' and comes with the brooder light so gotta have them as none of my chooks were broody for ages. I want chicks now...
This is called "Rat Zapper" - an awesome device that aims to reduce the rodent population on this property - very effective so far! Leaves no mess or smell! So I am giving it a top rate!

Come on, you think I'd leave a dead rodent there to show!?

Cheers till later!

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Anonymous said...

Ohh! The foto of Arion & Tassie was so adorable!
Yes, I dare u to put up a foto to prove the 'rat zapper' does work!! ;-)