Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another New Addition to the Teralba Family!

Yep, we've finally sourced and obtained an adorable Swedish Vallhund puppy!

Meet Bilby! He's only 8 weeks old this week:

Tassie was so excited and happy to have another dog on the property - I wonder how long before she'd regret this! Bilby loves to torture Tassie by biting her tail! hehe...

Of course, kids were sooooo excited about Bilby that they want to join him in his cage (it's too cold to leave him outside at the moment!)

Jackie was not feeling well then and insisted on sleeping with Bilby, so here it is! Cute to watch them curl up with each other...

Bilby's almost like Tassie, but much more relaxed and more attentive. He already knows two commands! "Come" and "Sit"... impressive! His mother had very similar colourings as Tassie, so we'd think Bilby will be about the same as Tassie, except bit bigger and lighter being male. We'll see in a couple of years time anyway.

Ari's so into Bilby, picking him up, tackling and 'catch' Bilby whenever he could! How long before Bilby would slink away when Ari appears or they'd be best buddies?

On the gardening note, today I've planted 75 seedlings (all legume trees, shrubs and flowering plants), as well as 7 vines... Phew! Still waiting for 100 fruit trees to arrive.

Cheers till later!

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