Sunday, August 30, 2009

All budding...

Hey its last day of August - the most finicky month of the year! And must be the most driest month as well. According to BOM, we only got 4.2mm of rain for the whole month! And July held the second dry month with 47mm. It seems that the most driest month of the year in Gosford area was whooping 0.8 in August 1995! So this got me quite worried.

However, it's not all bad here - so many plants are budding, flowering and got leaves out, etc. So exciting for me to see the hard work is being paid for. I've taken so many pictures and will upload them here the next few days. So be patient! heh.

10 eggs are in the incubator for 2 weeks now - so need to candling them to see if I am successful! Expect a report by end of week!

At the moment we are just doing the maintenance around the property, making plans of what we need to do, getting some paintings done, etc.

More interesting details with photos coming soon.

Cheers till later!

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Beverly said...

Hi there....thanks for stopping by my blog. You asked about where to get the egg fabric. I had found that at a store called Hancock fabrics....a year ago. You might try their of luck.
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