Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Photos of fruit groves

Here are the latest photos!

The playground is being built in the kids zone. Kids cannot wait!

Facing north on the driveway, you can see some changes here!

Here's the pine nut tree - one of two! I won't get to sample any pine nuts for at least 6 years!

Overlooking the covered dam, toward the groves.

Tidied Banana Circle, including a Paw paw, few clumping bamboos... Still no bananas in sight - it has been a year now!

Done up the Pear Strip - although it is not all pears here, as Mangoes, Avocados, cherries and few others are planted here along with pear trees. Still need to find a great climber for this arch!

The Fruit Grove (it is really two groves now) - with over 50 trees in it!

For the driveway, its Nuts Alley - almost all trees planted along the driveway are nut trees, including this hazelnut 'Lambert' (one of 7) and

A chestnut (one of 7).

Still working on this trellis area, half is fenced to stop dogs from pulling up seedlings and plants! Here where grapes, kiwifruits and seedlings are planted on the south side. Inside the chook run, are just citrus trees.

Now our puppy Bilby is doing very well. Fitting in well and besotted with Tassie and me I guess. Here they are having one of their numerous 'mock fighting' sessions.

A quiet Bilby - he's actually quite very tired little pup! Gorgeous pic...

So there you go. Any questions just zap me!

Cheers till later!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I just keep being inspired by what you achieve! Shall see you in the morning - after 11, is that right...?