Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cold October, what a lovely way to start Spring?!

We're now 1/3 way in October and its quite cold - I wore my jacket all day today. Brr!

And my poor clueless chicks have been standing in the rains for last few days! I've added 2 more chicks to my flock - 2 Light Sussex. All playing together nicely whenever I looked in. However they have no idea that they're not supposed to stand in rain but to seek shelter and to go in the enclosed area at evenings. So I do recommend getting a broody chook to do all that work for ya!

Tomorrow, if it clears up a bit, I will take a photo of all the chicks, and the chooks as well as the new Chook Box my hubby built for me last weekend. I also hope to take photos of the property as all have huge growth, thanks to the 'cold spring rains' we've had lately.

I've planted in many more vegie and flower seedlings today, weeded and cut down green manure in the fruit grove. Oh, on an exciting note, I've bought 5 grapevines today - 3 'white' and 2 'red' table grapes - so I need to find places for them to grow.

I still need to put mulch in around hundreds of trees! Anyone wanna help?

Bilby's fitting in so well that the ticks have had him hospitalised for a week! Grrr... He's ok now, but we're getting more fences done around here so the dogs will be more restricted with their wanderings.

Am going to make most of the cool October to do lots of work around the gardens as I've been laid off for a month due to the knee injuries from playing Netball.

Photos coming in very very soon! Remind me if I haven't done any for a week! heh.

Cheers till later!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Darlene
I love reading your blog - you are doing a fantastic job - BUT ...don't yu ever sleep ...What are you doing up 3:15 a.m.?