Saturday, October 17, 2009

Time to re-stock...

Hey, thanks to those who wrote back saying they've read the past postings - it make a difference to me cos it means someone really read it! ;) So I'd really appreciate it when you write back.

On re-stocking, I've had a quick stroll on the property and realised I am really way behind on the works! Sighs... I have thousands of excuses and none will be suffice anyway! So thought I'd write up a list of things I really need to get done here:

  • Cut down the Jasmine climbers and correct the soil to be grapevine friendly as I have 4 gorgeous table grapevines to plant out! I have other 3 grapevines growing quite well, and would like to add several more grapevines, but not sure what type yet. Grapevines I have so far: Isabella, Pink Iona, Golden Muscat in ground, with White Muscat, Black Muscat, Sultana and one more I cannot remember at the moment are still in the pots.
  • Stake up the young trees that are wobbly after those strong nasty winds we've got lately. I think I've lost 3 trees already out of 200 - not so bad I guess, but still it's sad...
  • Put in water irrigation system in the citrus strip as I've only got half done a few weeks ago, just before the rains.
  • Mulch everything! Vegie beds, Citrus, Pear and driveway strips, Fruit grove, banana circle, rose bed, trellis area...
  • Put in the edgers at the west of the house for the agapathus and a tree - before the ground hardens again. I jarred my arms when I tried to dig up edge - so hard, even with mattock!
  • Paint the cubby house and playground.
  • Paint the Vegie Wash Stand and Shoe drawers stand... as well as the rest of the west side pergola.
  • Put up the colorbond sheets for the westside pergola, as well as getting the sailcloth blinds installed.
  • Dig up rims around the trees on the driveway strip - so water can fall in and soak into the ground, rather than run off to the next door's grass area.
  • Get the windmill replaced ASAP! It wobbles badly after every wind - kids are not allowed inside the dam area at all now as kids love to check out the frog pond, but with the rusty windmill next to it, it is just too dangerous.
  • Remove the agapathus and edgers from the back lawn and clear the area, in preparation for the Vegie beds to be built there (we are, once again, revising this! So stay tuned!) next year.
  • Throw over the bird nettings on the Fig trees area in the chook run, some peach and plum trees in the fruit grove and perhaps in the trellis area if there are more food, esp. the grapes, growing in the next few months.
  • Finish filling in the trellis area and expand the fenced area.
  • Get the dog fence built in! Bilby was hospitalised for a week from a severe ticks attack.
  • Weeding out the eastside strip - its choked with weeds which I can understand why - it is just pebbles there.
  • Finish off planting out all the potted plants.
  • Try and grow plants from seeds within a month time. Get a greenhouse built in before summer. We'll see anyway...

All those things above I must do before summer. Wish I could clone myself sometimes!

On an interesting note, my baby's starting school next year, so that means I get more time... which I don't know if it is a good or bad thing! hehe...

Anyhow, time for me to sign off and fix up some photos then.

Cheers till later!


Anonymous said...

Hey sis! Glad Bilby is now back home! U should consider wwoof if u want some help to get ur list done asap. ;-)

Nallerang Creek said...

You are one inspiring lady! I like coming by here to read of what you've been up to. I know there's a bit of an age difference (I'm perhaps 20 years older than you??), however I often think - if she can do that, I could too.

Thank you...
Ree :)

Darlene said...

Heh, yep P-a, I know. I am looking at the Wwoofers thingo atm - looks like I'd need to snitch a caravan or similar!

Thanks Ree, sometimes I feel like a fraud as I can't get enough done as sooner as I'd like. Glad you're enjoying this blog heh. Catch you soon!

Cheers till later!