Thursday, November 26, 2009

Harvesting first spring produce

This evening I decided to have a quick look to see if there is anything else I'd need to harvest or clean up in gardens.

Got to harvest two nectarines from the old nectarine tree in the chook run. Two of them weight a whooping 170g. There are heaps on the tree but also heaps of bird damaged and rotting ones too - I'd need to make a time to go and work on that tree.

Decided to check the vegie bed to see if I did grew any potatoes - YEP! However they're all small - baby sized. I am attributing this to the heavy soil and not enough mulch. I still need to unearth many potato spots - so will be interesting to see which thrives out here, etc. This batch weight at 685g. Gonna harvest some more later for xmas potato salad in few weeks time - Yummy!

Ari, our friut boy, nabbed the first white flesh peach from our fruit grove. It is so delicious - smell superb and very juicy! There are few more on the tree (one of many I planted last July) so we all will get to eat one each, I hope. He loved it and wanted to plant the seed for more fruits!

A dog fence is being built at the moment, so will take photos this week to show how much have changed at the moment. The entire Jasmine climbers have been cut down to make way for grapevines.
Cheers till later!

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Nallerang Creek said...

That new header photo really nice. Looks good!

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