Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hot... hot... hot.... Need rain!

I know I should not complain...

However it's too hot!

The land's already starting to dry up, dam's level lowering slowly only after some rains last week!

Glad I've mulched the most of gardens, just need to finish it off and save all the plants before the worst of Summer hits.

It will be interesting summer for us. More plants and animals to look after during summer...

It seems that I might get 2 (two) apricots soon, along with several peaches and numerous nectarines.

I need to get rid of those pesky Stinky bugs off the citrus trees soon so I can fix the irrigation system and add more feed and mulch on them for the summer.

I've been getting up at 6am most mornings to do gardening works before kids get up and back in house to organise kids by 8am. I love this time of morning because it's all quiet and many are just waking up - air's cool and bit damp from dew.

Not much to show really because it's all just planting, mulching and watching...

Cheers till later!

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