Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Photos for ya!

Yup, I do remember!

Hope those won't disappoint you. Lately we've had light showers which have helped a lot with greening up all plants, however it made grass even more determined to colonies this property!

Harvested 2 large zucchinis, handful of cherry tomatoes, 2 green tomatoes, 1 climbing bean, some baby cos leaves - not bad especially for a long time. Will take photo of them tomorrow.

Here it is - the latest photos (approx. 1 to 2 months ago! sorry).

In the chook run, green figs (white figs or whatever) grew in abundance but we haven't eaten some yet as birds always got them before us, even with netting. Looks like we'd need a lesson in netting, eh? lol...

I mentioned last year we've got 5 chicks and 2 broody chooks with some eggs and chicks. This is how we set up - fenced off some area from the main chook run and put down 2 hutches. The triangle hutch is for 5 large chicks where they'd roam around outside the hutch during the day and bunk up inside the hutch at night. The squat rectangle chickbox on right was for the broody chooks with their babies. It has no way outside the box into the yard - we cannot afford to let baby chicks being attacked by large chicks, etc. So gotta keep them secured but provides area for scratching, etc. The arrangement worked.

You can see two broody chooks sitting closely with a baby chick on top. Between them, they sat on 24 eggs and, unfortunately, only 2 hatched! One each, I s'pose. I booted one of the chooks into the main run after 4 weeks, figured the main chook can mind both chicks. It worked and I also booted out the main chook when chicks were about 8 weeks old. Both chicks seems to be Croad Langshans, and as of today, I am certain that I have a cockerel and a pullet here - so might give the cockerel away and keep the pullet if I can replace the cockerel with another pullet. We'll see in a couple of weeks time anyway.

So with this arrangement of chicks, I booted out the 4 large chicks into the main chook run, along with the large chooks - they took a while to get over the shock that they cannot get the feed first! I moved the tiny one named Shay into with the baby chicks as all were at the same size then. Now the baby chicks and Shay are in the hutch with the chickbox resting on the side of the enclosed chick run. The chickbox may be required very soon as we've got another broody chook sitting on 3 eggs already! In middle of summer, she managed to survived the 41.3 degrees other day sitting on eggs, how insane is that!?

Chooks aside, here's the rest of the gardens.

Gorgeous pink flowers, I think some kind of roses - they're bush and smaller than ordinary roses. But has lots of flowers on each bush...

Around the dam, I've got this patch of water iris growing. I love their bright green stems and leaves with lovely purple flowers - however it only flowered for a short time, approx 1 month!

I've planted the dormant enchinea flowers and only a few actually grew. I love how their flowers looked here. Looks quite laid-back, eh?

On the Pear strip, at the end, I've got three plants growing together quite closely and somehow they thrives on this. There's apple cider tree, elderberry plant and dahlias, along with the bloody grass! Gotta work on the strip and the area in winter when grass is in dormancy...

Elderberry - however it doesn't form into berry after flowering, so looks like I didn't get the actual elderberry or too young?? Gotta look up on this. The flowers are so gorgeous - mass of tiny white flowers against dark greens.

Thought I'd snap this one up - bees working hard on a thistle!

Unfortunately, while the banana circle is powering away now, the grass is doing its hard dominating this circle! Another thing to work on in the next few months huh? No bananas yet! And its over a year...

Another Red Hot Poker flower for you to enjoy!

And I've got this lovely bottlebrush flowers at front gate area. Nice and bright red, eh?

Will need to take more photos and make more detailed reports on conditions of all plants I've done so it can be recorded for future reference.

Any requests?

Cheers till later!


Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

Hi Darlene
your garden looks wonderful. Amazing what a little rain can do
Have a great weekend

Darlene said...

Yup Chester - we're getting steady showers for past few days so hopefully that will soak into all plants that needs it.

Thanks for that. You have a fab weekend too! ;)