Saturday, January 23, 2010


Ugh! It's second day of over 35 degrees and I am definitely wilting away!

If there's no electricity power to run the air cond, I'd move all the way to south for 6 months then move up here for another 6 months so I'll be kept 'cool' all year around. Fab idea, eh? But then again, no electricity = limited transportation available, so means I'll be pretty much stuck where I am. Oh well... I am really enjoying the air cond for now, heh. ;)

Anyway, reporting in from the Teralba's gardens - there's not much happening! Just managed to harvest 3 x 15cm-long juicy lebanese cucumbers, a handful of cherry tomatoes, and a nice sized tomato (still riping away on kitchen window's till)! There's a few zucchini fingers waiting to be harvested - will do so tomorrow morning, I hope. There are a few salad vegies still growing, the eggplant just stopped and lost its only finger for some reason but it's just now barely there atm, and the corn's buggered, but the climbing beans' doing very well now.

I felt that everything have postponed with their growth and fruiting to a few months later than should be according to the 'experts'. I would say its a combination of unseasonal heats and winds, along with yo-yo temperatures we've had around here for 3 months now. A few plants just curled up and died in their own puny spots, while others just halted and took their damn time growing along.

I think I might be losing a few hazelnuts and a chestnut trees, but amazing the pome, stone and other fruit trees still powered along so far. Of course, the grass have literally took over the whole property, except for the house, chook palace, cubby house and shed, thank goodness! The dam have been cleared of its carpet weed for a few months now, thanks to those winds! However the downside to this is the lowering level of water in dam becomes progressively rapid... Sometimes you cant just win it all, eh?

I am just waiting the summer out. Then I will do a lot of gardening while my kids goes to school, yep, my lil man's starting school this year as a Kindy. Sad for me as I get to lose a great gardening companion then, but it also means I get to do a lot more then without him stealing my time...

It is just amazing how grass around here still looks so green and lushy - its growth is quite specatular! We have started to notice that to keep grass under control, we'd need to mow more than once a week... I've never fed or coddling the lawns around here and they actually thrives on that. Sighs... However I think both chooks and dogs love the cool and lushy grass to sit in and eat as well. So there's something good out of the useless stuff. I am getting very tempted lately to buy a small cow and a couple of sheep to keep grass low - might look into this at end of year if my DH finally crumbled under the grassy pressure from the property maintenance guy - me! ;)

Am trying to find photos, but will have to sign off now without them today. Sorry dear readers.

Cheers till later!

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John said...

Hi there my comment is based on the name of your property. I lived in the western Lake Macquarie suburb of Teralba with my wife. we had half an acre there and we had an organic garden and a chook run. We realised that this amount of land in a suburban setting was very desirable so we were able to realise our dream. We sold up a little while ago and relocated to the Central west of NSW where we now have our little bigger slice of Australia. Summer is yet to arrive here and with plenty of rainfall we are making the most of the conditions. It is a good thought having full water tanks and dams. Happy gardening John