Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mother's Day Banner

You know where you could get a great Mother's Day Banner done? Just get your little slaves to do it...

Here's my artistic slaves with their banner:

Yeah I know... they looked so happy to have that arduous task done!

What? Oh... ah of course, sneaky things - they must have known that a very delicious dinner was on its way.

Anyhow, the youngest slave's side:

Not bad, eh? He has a couple of years to catch up and improve the quality of his artistic expression. I had to instruct him to write names under those Barbie-alike legged creatures.

By far in his opinion, I must be the giantess? At least I was well-dressed one!

Now for the impish long-haired slave's side:

She has obviously got the need to divide the mob into two - mine and my in-laws. Again, it seems that I am still the giantess... Even when I stand a inch or two shorter than my own female relatives. 

Oh... I know! 

We must have spent too much time with the in-laws.

A very belated Happy Mother's Day to you all!


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