Monday, May 17, 2010

Port Macquarie photos!

Last weekend I scooted up to Port Macquarie to give a workshop on sign language linguistics and I got to stay there for 2 nights - can you believe that!? My family actually let me go! 

I woke up early on the last morning and decided that I have to take lots of snaps! So here's my brilliant snaps of sunrise, beaches and plants. Go ahead and be in awe with them!

On the next posting, I will show more snaps (great you are saying with enthusiasm, right?) so come back soon!

First snap of sunrise at 5am from my motel room's window:

Then about ten mins later:

Then 15 mins later:

I know those photos does not show the glory of its sunrise, but it was stunning watching it for half hour before I doze off...

Then I woke up to watch the rolling clouds doing its best to hid the rays of the rising sun.

Anyway, then I got this urge to drive along its coast and take more snaps of the beaches. So those are what I've got:

Those two are just random ones...

Working on the next posting now, so come back to be inspired, lol...

Cheers till later!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Truly lovely photos!
Quite the photographer too it seems :P

Hope you had a nice time away xox