Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 3

Now we're definitely making a good progress here! This is from the house to chook palace. We just need to fill in the road base and then we'll start putting in sand and pavers - exciting but back-breaking, I spose!

This is the compost area - at the moment it is mostly completed.

We just need to fix up the front area of the compost bay (I am thinking of building the sliding in slats to prevent dogs from going in and dig up - and it would be easier for me to turn it over without spilling any onto pavers - less mess).

You can see Brumby sleeping on the tiny grassy patch where the passionfruit vine grows over the fence! The worst areas to work in is the vegie beds themselves - the base's almost like concrete! Arm-jarring exercise, ugh!

The path to Chook Palace - its nice and neat-o, which is just how we like it. Can't wait to see how it all fit when the paving's done!

By the way, the chook fence is already mended! All good as new now! :D

This is the view from path of the Chook Palace.

Nice progress, eh?

Day 4 should be today, but I am taking it easy!

Cheers till later!

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Nallerang Creek said...

A new path! We have one too, but not so fancy... Those compost bays look very familiar! Well done on all that work. Is the rain putting a halt to work this weekend? Ree