Monday, October 4, 2010

I want to report September missing!

I know I did blink but I can't believe how fast September went!

So here are assorted photos and reports of what we've done in September - I promise I will do wee better this month reporting! :D

1. General gardening photos - it was taken on the first day of September and it was a lovely day. Thought it was a good day to take stock of all fruit and nut trees on this property. Took way too many so will just put up a few for you to enjoy.

Plum flowers - it looks like we'll get heaps of plums if Spring is going to be nice to us and give us mild and gentle spring weather (so far we've got a bit more rain and winds than we usually get for the last few weeks...):

I have to say that plum flowerings are the most showy - so good and full of both honey and native bees...

Elderflower is also in bloom (well, it has always in flowering for the whole year, but it is much more fully than the usual. The bush was only planted in July 09! Had tripled in size and I am going to plant many more as it seems that this area's suitable for them -I've got three of them and all going crazy!):

Apple-shaped Quince in bud (I think it has to be the amazing pome tree - the leaves are so 'furry' and the flowers most beautiful!):

Now this is the messy Fruit Grove! It does needs to be mulched, fed, etc - all will be done 'one day':

This is one of three mulberry varieties - Hick's Fancy and it seems it is doing very well, considering it was only planted a month before this photo was taken and already covered with fruit!:

As per Spring's style, here are numerous ornamental flowers - all have to host for all the winged bugs anyway:

Gorgeous wattle - native to this area:

Iris - its close to the bush, so not waterlogged one?

This is the plant with berries and flowers that the native birds go crazy over, and they're almost everywhere here - I've let them grow as I thought it would be a good plant to encourage birds away from our fruit trees. I still need to find out what it is and how 'good' it is, etc. Any idea?

She-oak flowering - gorgeous!

That's from the front gardens! 
Now its the backyard's turn...

Grapevine budding and growing well at the moment so naturally we are quite excited about this! I think out of 9 grapevines, we've lost one to puppy chewings!

Nectarine already fruiting - still have a month or two before we'd harvest before the tree drop the whole thing like it did last year without any warning!

Orange tree is finally flowering - it didn't fruit this winter at all, so we missed its delicious and juicy oranges!

First time ever grew any asparagus and it actually shoot through very well - had to put cage over it to stop dogs from knocking it over before its ready to be harvested. It crops up so fast - now I understand what others meant about harvest almost everyday - I think I did watch one shoot up literally!

Spring onion flowered and a bee, along with other hunderd of bugs, knows it.

Don't ask me why they're lined up there! As of today, we're down to 9 - one of black chooks went AWOL and we could not find her. However, our Broodie's sitting on a nest of eggs at the moment so there's a replacement coming up...

Lemorange/Lemange - it needs to be harvested as it's already budding and flowering! I need 40 hours day and 4 sets of arms!

This is just a random photo - just loved how lichen grows on the bark:

Hope this post got you satisfied?

Let me know what else you'd like to see.

Cheers till next posting!


Em said...

Those flowers look very similar to potato so I would say it is a member of the solonaceae/nightshade family, more specifically the solanums. Try googling and see if you can find anything that looks the same?

Darlene said...

Thanks Em. I've also enjoyed your blog - congrats on recent events!

About the plant - I searched but cannot find anything close enough. the plant grows up to 6 metres tall, has several clusters of purple flowers which then turn into green berries. They're usually one stem/trunk plant... I can see why you think its similar to solonaceae... cheers!

Em said...

Thanks :)

Hmmmm... next time I see one of the blokes from the community garden I will ask him. He is also a hort. teacher and is generally pretty good at plant ID. Do the berries change colour as they ripen?

Darlene said...

Hey Em, thanks for the offer. The berries basically remained green but I think it lightens as it 'ripes'. I should pluck one out and cut it in half to see what's in. Parrots like this kind of berries...


Nallerang Creek said...
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Nallerang Creek said...
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Nallerang Creek said...

Is it this one? Wild Tobacco Tree or Solanum (well done, Em)mauritianum: OR this, with more pics:

This is the tree we had up the road...

Nallerang Creek said...

There must be gremlins here this morning, getting into my posts... excuse the mess above. There were repetitions and words missing so I started again! Hope this works, now... See you this afternoon!