Saturday, August 28, 2010

Finally here!

My dear readers, please excuse the mishmash postings for a while while I catch up here...

We were blessed with beautiful weather by God of Landscaping - so we decided to do something here...


I am pretty sure I heard him rolling on 'heavenly floor' laughing hard at this - us ignorant and puny heathens wanted to pave!!

I also think there may have been a meeting held up there between gods (of landscaping, gardening, and weather) - debating whether they should stop us here.

We need to have a path between our house and that chook palace. We had few years to think it over and we finally decided it's time - we'd do it ourselves!

See that pile of gorgeous dirt - that's a pile of brown gold for me and God of Vegetables! It consists 2 years worth of compost, from the old garden beds that we've demolished to make way for 6 new vegie beds!

What new bed? This!

We will do an experiment called Wicking Bed with them and will have them standing close to the path - so kids have no excuse for not collecting, munching or planting more vegies! Bwahaha...

You can see where we've marked the path, from the old paved area to the house. There's a dip half way there and we hope God of Pond will bless us with a pond in a year or two.

His most loyal subject is working hard here - scooping the precious dirt so we can prepare the area for more paving and build beds on it.


(Please understand that we're not blessed with super powers the half-gods seemed to have been bestowed by their godly parents, unfortunately so when we say day two, it doesn't mean the right next day. We're working on this mostly on weekends.)

Hallelujah, an outline of path is revealed! We're just using edges to ensure the grass would not begin its invasion here.

Putting in edgers was a challenge itself - curves and degree of slope here. But we did it, we know our God of Landscaping would be so proud of us!

We're having a row of 6 pavers across so there'd be enough room to walk over...

I am sure the God of Landscaping and God of Gardening are fuming with us as we may have broken many laws here - remember we're a bunch of ignorant peasants who have no experience with this!

More digging here - see the old beds are gone. The ground is quite hard after only 5 cm were dug up. Mattocks are used heavily here...

We're also having the compost area renovated...

Not much to see from this end, but just wait for Day 3 photos which will be proclaimed tomorrow!

We do hope the God of Landscaping is pleased with our offering!

Cheers till later!

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