Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mayhem in Chook Zone!

An ungrateful gummy tree decided to remind us that he's a bit taller, stronger and 'above' us...

By dropping one of its arms... oh I mean, its huge branch!

And bent two sections of fencing down and out...

Fortunately for this tree, as no living creatures were harmed so it will remain there - aloof and outside our boundary fence. For it's our neighbour's tree! 

Our chooks were so excited and were telling me all about it with 'bokbok book bok!' and flurry of feathers, etc.

The flock - minus 4 (they were camera-shy chooks)

Roy Boy, our glorious rooster!

And his very annoying offspring, Boy Orange (he really wants to take over Roy Boy's flock!) - anyone looking for a lovely rooster? Let me know...

One of our two original chooks, Leghorn cross - a very reliable layer

The branch have long ago chopped up and into mulch for our trees. The fencing will be mended very soon - we are awaiting to get details from our insurance company about when it will be done.

Lesson you could gain from here - Get your insurance sorted out before letting any tree, whether in our out of your boundary fence, drop a branch that cause a considerable damage to your property!

Cheers till later!

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