Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Well... it has been a month!

And we're getting those lovely rains (except for the winds and thunders that we did get eventually over the last 2 weekends).

I think it was a nice test to see how the plants and structures we've put in over the years held up. They've done it nicely except for the Kids Zone - the trampoline was almost thrashed and the cubby house has temporarily lost its top! We wasted a lovely Sunday fixing this up, but we've ensured it's secured properly except for the trampoline which needs to be fixed up.

 Topless Cubby House

 Flipped-over Trampoline - the posts are bent so they'll be removed (and anchors set in)

We had to put together the roof for the cubby house - we were pretty happy about it because it gave us some practice for the 'gazebo' we'd like to build behind the cubby house 'one day'.

I will have to take photos of the Kids Zone now with its wonky trampoline! Happy to say the plants haven't lost their roots or fruits (that I could see) - so the locations are fine for now.

More postings coming up tonite.

Cheers till later!

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