Saturday, October 30, 2010

October's Newsflash!

1. We've got a cute new chick - naturally hatched by one of two broodies last Monday. Only one. Pretty sad. However the other broodie is still broody so I am trying to find fertile eggs for her to hatch then. Fingers crossed I'll find some asap.

2. We may get to eat home-grown bananas this summer... yep our banana plant finally flowered and there are numerous fingers now. Will need to take photo of it soon to prove it. But it took them 2 and half years to get around to do this! No other banana plants have done much yet - hopefully it will be staggered growth?

3. Out of 20 apple trees, 12 have flowered and half of them have swollen buds! So this is pretty exciting for me.

4. All three mango trees died. One out of three avocado trees died as well. So it is definitely not a sub-tropical region here as it is apparently by the councils?? The lone custard apple plant is really struggling at the moment so am not going to plant any more 'sub-tropical' plants until there is a micro-climate happening that would be suitable for those in future.

5. What - you want more? Gotta wait till next week when I get around to finish picking photos to upload for this blog.

Cheers till later!

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