Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Quite a wet November so far.

Am trying to stay afloat lately!

Anyway, so much have been happening and growing around here and I am not sure where to start! Surprising, eh?

Had another check on my fruit grove yesterday to find many apples are growing! Yah!! Fingers crossed all will develop into delicious apples by next Jan to Aug!! Yep a while away... all good things come to those who waits, eh? lol...

Brumby's doing very well - developing into a great young dog who is trying to curb her chewing implusions and listens to me as much as she can if there's no distractions! Tassie and Brumby play nicely most of time, but there are times when Tassie simply doesn't like Brumby to do the same as her - like barking. She hates it when Brumby tried to bark off the silly bush turkey that loves to try to come over and taunt the dogs!!

No further progress done on the paving area - it has been stalled for a few weeks now due to weather's up n downs, of course.

Noted we got fruit flies on our old nectarine tree. Not good... Time to rig up some traps for them but then again may be too late for this year crop me thinks.

We've had an awesome Halloween party here on 31st Oct and kids enjoyed themselves - built scarecrows, went on the witch hunt, and smashing the pumpkin (pinata).

I've got heaps of photos but today I don't have time - sorry folks. Next week I promise.

Cheers till later!

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