Friday, January 28, 2011

Hello 2011!

Well, Xmas and Summer been and nearly done by. Lot of stuff happened around here!

First of all, we're about 2/3 done with the marathon paving project! Photos coming on next posting (within 14 days!!).

Secondly, our big boy got into a high school he wanted and we just bought his uniform. Sighs - he's growing so fast but excited for him, there's a big wonderful and exciting world out there for him to learn and explore!

Thirdly, there's a Brumby Saga - she went AWOL and was 'arrested and dispatched to report for duty' only a couple of days ago! The long story short - she didn't come home with Tassie after they got escaped from the backyard (gate was not closed) on last Friday arvo. We searched, called, knocked, asked and waded through a big area out here, but there's no sign of Brumby. Tassie was not so concerned - which means not so good. Still nothing over the weekend, even after putting up flyers on posts and in letterboxes on Saturday morning and Monday morning. DH was ready to throw towel in by then, but I advised him that there's a 'week' to see out before we concluded that Brumby's gone for good. Ah! On Australia's day morning, DH got a call from a lady saying they've got Brumby over their place! So we zoomed over, it was actually about two and half kms away from here and yep it's our Brumby still alive, happy and well fed!

Her first time at the beach - this is the creek that flows out to the beach.

With her very muddy feet! It's hard to take a good photo of her sitting calmly!

It seems that she must have walked along the creek valley to their place up and got herself temporarily 'adopted' into two households for the over 5 days, enjoying the attentions and food! Our kids have written up the 'Thank You' cards for them - we're so grateful that she's alright after all. She's only 6 month old now which means a lot - too young to know the actual directions to home and to know the difference in safety and danger. So for now it's "all's well" here.

Lastly, I hate the heat that comes with summer! I know where I'll be living if we have to leave this property - TASMANIA! heheh! However my heart goes to those in QLD and VIC with the hardships arose from floodings and bushfires in WA. May the rest of the year bring nothing but nicer weathers and simple living situations for all.

Please excuse the short posting here.

Cheers till later!


Anonymous said...

Just dropping in to say hello. I have been following your blog recently, and have just started my own in November. Glad your Brumby is okay, beautiful looking dog. I love looking at your photos. Looks like you live in a very beautiful spot. I am with you i hate the heat of summer too, we had 46Cdegrees yesterday and are expecting about the same today. Plus a cyclone heading our way!
Look forward to some more photos.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Glad Brumby's back! Sis

Anonymous said...

Testing as anonymous