Monday, January 31, 2011

Our Doggies - Swedish Vallhunds

Well, I know there's too many photos here, but a bit of too much is better than nothing, eh?

(By the way, did you know you can click on photo themselves to enlarge them.)

Anyway, for xmas, we went up to the Forster area for a week holiday, taking dogs with us. It's first time for Brumby and second time for Tassie. They were very good and loved their morning and evening walks on the beach everyday, as well as walking around the little village we stayed at. They found the place to be too busy - the house's on the corner and there are many people walking past down to the beach so dogs been barking almost every minute. They have finally calmed down by Day 4!! A big difference from living in rural area and in a village, eh?

Tassie is now 3 years old - her hair's very wiry and coarse with hint of red and grey with black. Definitely has double coats as she rarely get soaked to skin after a dip anytime. Still very neurotic and has her own mind, which makes the training more difficult. And she can climb up fences like a cat, so for her sake, we need to make sure the area's resembled a prison!

Brumby, the one with green leash, has just turned 6 months old and is still testing things out, following Tassie and me. She's fabulous, easy going little dog but knows how to be sneaky when she wanted something. Her coat is grey and black, more smoothy and does have double coat but not as 'waterproof' as Tassie. This was actually the first time she actually get into water and she doesn't really loves it, but will just go up to her chest and that's it. Brumby get distracted easily but is easily trained - just need to be consistent with her however. Her tail's more like a screw tailed (whereas Tassie's a sickle tailed) and strong.

With my girl Jackie - she gained so much confidence with handling and caring for dogs. It is amazing because about 5 years ago she has phobia with dogs!

 Nice photos of me with dogs on beach, taken by Jackie!

After the beach... tied up and waiting to be loaded into car to go home after a week.

There you go. Photos of our dogs as of early 2011. 

It will be interesting to see how Brumby get herself classified as within a year as I have to make a decision (with assistance from others of course) whether to breed and show her or just keep her as a desexed pet. My big boy, Nat, is now at a selective high school which includes agricultural course (with showing as part of it) and if Brumby's good enough, I might get Nat to show her then - it will help him to make sense of the world and gain experience and skills then.

When we picked up Brumby after she gone missing for 5 days, the people who looked after her remarked that she's so easy to train. She's so eager to please which is a pleasure really, compared to Tassie. Guess we got baptised with fire when we had Tassie then as the most difficult and stubborn pup and dog.

Cheers till later!


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trying to get on

Anonymous said...

I just realised Vallhund is with a double ll
I'm glad brumby got home safely
love Oma