Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Greening the wicking vegie beds

Here it is. The photos were taken almost 4 weeks ago and now it have doubled the sizes and growth rates. Yah! Will take photos later the week when sun's out again.

Let's go on a wicking vegie beds tour now...

Here we see the first bed, with its baby or english spinach plants, celery and beetroot seedlings growing. I am hoping to plant in carrot seeds next week here. And you can see bed #10 at the back, it's full of allium spp. (onions, garlic, shallots) along with a couple of curly-leaf parsley plants and a small number of purple carrot seedlings.

Bed 1 in front and Bed 10 at back
Move along to the next bed, here we see the same stuff as bed 10 but we have leeks growing in the middle. Everything's growing great here, it remains to be seen if it's successful though. The bed at the back has a climbing thingo there for peas and snowpeas. In the bed, there are lots - swedes, broccoli, cos lettuce and a sage plant.

Bed 2 in front and Bed 9 at back
Now to the next bed, here I've planted only two things - potatoes and lettuces! Pretty dull but I am interested in how well potatoes do in wicking beds. Hence a trial here anyway. The bed at back is full of root and big leaf plants - red cabbage, broccoli, swedes...

Bed 3 in front and Bed 8 at back
Now we've reached the slim vegie beds and they belongs to kids. Bed 4 is for my oldest boy Nat while the other bed, bed 7 is for my baby boy and my only girl. So far all's doing well, but kids got bored as it's a slow growing season. They're waiting for spring/summer... In both beds they've got a good mixture of leeks, shallots, lettuces, beetroots, spinach, silver-beet and chives. My baby boy got a strawberry plant growing in his half and he can't wait to munch on the fruits as they'd be all HIS.

Kids' - Bed 4 in front and Bed 7 at back
This is the non-wicking beds area, bed 5 and 6 at the back. We decided to have those beds free draining so we can be more experimental with what to grow because there are certain plants that may not do well in a wicking bed. At the moment, there must be over 50 potato plants growing crazy along with 10 lettuces, and a row of peas at the back. It is interesting to see that wild mushrooms grows more on those beds than on the wicking beds. Location or something else cause this?? Something to keep an eye on anyway.

Non-wicking beds - Bed 5 in front and Bed 6 at back
The rest of photos here are self-explanatory anyway so enjoy the rest of the tour...

Bed 8 - red cabbage, broccoli seedlings

Beetroot leaves

A purple carrot seedling growing between onion seedlings

Celery seedling

East side of the area, facing south

The west side of area, facing south

Garlics!! Lots of them

Thought it was a lovely photo to share... garlic sprout

Bed 7 in front and Bed 4 at back - kids'

Kiwifruits of 2010/2011 awaiting to be harvested

Leeks, lots of them - yummo!

onions, garlic and leeks everywhere!

In Bed 9, snowpeas, swedes and cos lettuces growing together

Potato plants growing like crazy from Bed 3

Onion and garlic seedlings growing next to each other in rows

Baby/English spinach leaves - there are 5 plants of two types growing well - harvesting this for a while now.

Any questions or comments?

Cheers till later!

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