Sunday, July 3, 2011

Today's photos!

Just thought I'd share some photos I took today as it was a lovely and sunny day.

Gorgeous little broccoli head
My dear DH came out and helped with weeding!! Such a rare sight so fortunate I've got photos to prove that he can weed! :D

Weeding the oldest boy's bed
The north side of the beds - see potato plants!

Mid beds - all green eh?
I think all the rains have helped a bit...

Another potato plants bed in front
From ALS, I thought I'd have a go with making home-made lemon oil vinegar for both cooking and cleaning.

My Lemonade tree's full of fruits and its' still flowering! So gotta lighten up its load and used the peels for this special project.

Lemonade oil infused vinegar

The idea is to infuse the vinegar (in this case I used cheap white vinegar) in a glass jar with citrus peels for two weeks to allow the oils to leach out into the vinegar. From 5 mins after peeling lemonade skins into the jar, the vinegary smell has been replaced with lemony smell! So it will be interesting to see how it goes over the time.

I will juice the lemonades for juice and freeze them for summer - lemonade sorbet anyone? :D

A bucketful of citrus fruits from our Citrus orchard - lucky us, eh?
Cheers till later!


nellymary said...

Hi glad to see you doing the citrus cleaner....I hope you don't mind me copying your photo of it over to my blog...the number of photos is building.....

Dianne said...

HI THERE! you have been a busy girl then. the gardens look great. I cant wait to see your spud harvest.

Darlene said...


That's ok Nellymary - I got the idea from yours so fair exchange me thinks. :D

Dianne, I've been lazy - there's so much to do but all I want to do is to sit and read great novels! hehe

Already I've got hundred of projects I have to start and work on so be prepare to be put to sleep or run away from the idea of living at acreage! lol


Dianne said...

RUN AWAY ... never, I shall be living through you if thats ok with you. I can only dream of acreage living for now, so love seeing what people actually do on theirs.

Darlene said...


Glad someone's enjoying this blog.

Let me know if there is anything else you'd like to see or know about.