Friday, July 29, 2011

About last week...

It rained for the week - heavily. I really thought the chooks would need to metamorphose into ducks then.

Today I did more vegie bed weeding - there are man little seedlings which I just pull out and flip upside down and leave it there... Many vegies are looking well. I might have to harvest 5 swedes very soon. There are lots of broccoli heads developing as well as few flowered (I was too slow). I took a photo of two types of broccoli I grow out here - the main broccoli type and broccolini (quite peppery).

Anyway, here are the photos I took last week and the week before as well...

Misty sunset... the colours were gorgeous but very cold outside!

 This is the lemonade peels vinegar brewing jar

And this is a jar with mixture of orange peels and peels from a mandarin with full strength cleaning vinegar...

Result of the vinegar brewing:

Lemonade with el-cheapo ordinary white vinegar  - smell very lemony, colour quite yellow, there's a film on top with some shiny bubbles (possibly the oil of the peels?). The peels themselves have gone very pale that it's almost white. In few days, I will take the peels out and use the brewed vinegar. And top up with the fresh ones.

Orange with full strength cleaning vinegar - It is still clear in liquid, the smell is so faintly of citrus but nothing like the lemonade jar! So I am not sure if the full strength cleaning vinegar works for this kind of project - I will decide when I drain the jar next week or 2 anyway.

Cheers till later!

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outdoor products said...

Hmm... What I'd like to know is what use is your citrus vinegar for? I'm guessing for cooking, but I may be wrong, it could be for citrus-scented cleaning?