Saturday, November 26, 2011

So Summer's here...

I know it's not a regular post, but a short one to say I haven't forgotten to update this.

Today I've harvested about 1.3kg of zucchinis and 400g of beans, along with lettuce, herbs and celery sticks. Not bad, eh?

An exciting news - a chick was hatched a couple of days ago and the broodie's still sitting very tight so I am not sure if there'd be more hatching the next few days before they'd be moved into a safer home away from those big and 'nasty' roosters.

The weeds have gone crazy, so do the vegies and fruits so I cannot complain. Fruit flies are here as they're all over the nectarines. Ugh! So time to put bags over grapes. I only could see ONE kiwifruit on the kiwi vines!! Boo!

Last Thurs I spent an hour helping bottling, corked and labelled kiwifruit wines! Yummy, so will have to buy some for our "cellar" soon I hope. I am surprised to learn that kiwifruit wine is considered as 'dry'.

I've been planting many plants over time around the place, but mainly at the backyard. Got a long list of areas to fill out over the next couple of years. Should be fun, me thinks.

That's about it for now. I've been busy sewing, cooking and organising so I have not really shared much here. Sorry - more coming when I've worked out why Photoshop Elements's Organiser not working.

Cheers till later, peeps!

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