Monday, October 10, 2011

Spring's here...

All have gone crazy with growing (as usual every Spring, eh?)

According to the 28th July post, I should have 6 nice pears growing - however those cursed cockatoos have gone ahead and demolished them before I could take photos! Not a happy gal!

Anyway, I've gone crazy with vegie planting lately - lots of beans, eggplants, zucchinis, tomatoes, lettuces, kale, strawberries, peas, cucumbers... can't have enough of them! Once I've done with the plantings, I will put up what I've got going then.

The red cabbage is not doing so well. Out of 7, only one forming a definite head while the other is only barely there - so I am guessing the wicking beds are bit too warm for those cold vegies? It is really nice and warm in the soil this evening when I planted in the rest of eggplant and cucmber seedlings.

The fruit trees are doing really well! I really have to take photos of them soon. Out of 13 plum trees, we'd have 11 fruiting. Out of 10 apple trees, we have about 8 flowered. Out of 4 peach/nectarine trees, we've got 3 fruiting. Out of who knows pears, we've got 4 flowered. 3 huge elder trees are full of elderflowers, so here to the elderflower cordial - I just need to find a suitable recipe and get more sugar (many recipes are asking for 1.5 kg!!! All citrus trees are flowering, fruiting and basically going crazy! The recent rains helped. Even the figs are joining the act with numerous fruits on them as well as the tiny Hick's Fancy mulberry tree's full of fruits - yummy!!

The hazelnut and chestnut trees are in leaf now, with the walnut close by.

The banana trees' fruited and I am still waiting for the fingers to be bit more bigger before I'd harvest a bunch.

However with the recent violent storms we have been having around here last few weeks have took toll on the native trees with 8 of them down (as far as I can see) and I'd need to go into the bush area to see if there are more gone down, etc. Looks like it's time to call in the tree-choppers...

The mozzies are not nice - they've been harassing my baby boy the last few days - so that means it's a season of nasty mozzies here now. Ugh!

We're down to 7 chookies now - and I am fixing up my incubator so I can order in some more fertile Croad Langshan eggs from QLD to build up my flock.

Harvested a wheelbarrow full of potatoes and we had some baby potatoes into warm potato salad which tasted so good! :D

The garlic, onions, and leeks are doing so well - in a couple of months they will be harvested.

Grapevines are doing great, as two of them have fruited! The baby kiwifruit is also doing great, so that means soon I'd have two female kiwifruit vines growing next to the male one. Yah!

See what I mean - there's lot going on here and I barely have enough time to do all. A bit at a time I guess, eh?

I just need to shop around for some sheep to help keeping grass short!

Photos coming up in the next post! Anything else you'd like to know, pls let me know.

Cheers till later!

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Debby-Lee said...

I so wish to have a garden like yours one day. It really does sound heavenly :)