Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April flooding in...

With all the heavy rains we got this morning, I noticed the trellis area going under water... and the path's covered with rushing water. Note aside, the flooded part of path is where I'd like to put in a pond one day with a bridge over it.

This is from laundry doorway. The water is at least 5cm deep here.

Then I checked from my bedroom window - uh oh, more water there!

This is from the bathroom, and the area's deep in water at about 10 cm or more! I could see many 'mini waterfalls' through those timber slats there! Sorry for a poor quality photo here, not easy to take from this angle.

I went to front door and found the area wet and an area next to the door's flooded... This was when the water just started to receding! (sorry about that black strap top corner - I didn't realised then the strap slipped down!)

As we needed to go shops to get food, I had a look at the creek and its bridges. We use one of the two bridges here and the other bridge had gone under water at a point today but now the water receded, however still really high!

The area down from our property was usually a small creek meandering through paddocks - but today it enjoyed being a proper river! This is the highest level I've ever seen it since we lived here. Possibly as high as it was in June '07. (Will have to ask neighbours about this.) All fences had a dunk or two today!

Since our property situated pretty high, I am not worried about it getting too flooded, but being cut off! We could invest a rowing boat however, heh!

The rains are now easing up but still coming down, and is forecast to do so for at least one more day! Ah well, more time to do things inside the house anyway. Just hope everyone comes out ok with those floods today...

More later!

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Anonymous said...

Enough water to build 10 more dams and perhaps 50 ponds too? ;-)

Hope the bridge wont cut you guys out from the world!

Great blog, sis! x