Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What started me on this 'journey'?

Some people have asked me what started me on this 'journey', I have many reasons and at the same time only one answer!

My answer: "Why not?!"

My reasons:
  1. I am getting tired of suburban living, so decided we gotta get out and live in the 'country', and this is how far my family would agree to move to...
  2. I want to be able to grow organice food for us to eat everyday as possible
  3. I want to show our kids how food are grown, cultivated and cooked so they'd learn for future
  4. I'd like to educate kids how the country living differs to suburban living and why
  5. It is a perfect opportunity for me to test and follow the principles of Permaculture where I feel is most suitable for Australia...
  6. I would like my kids to be confident around animals and able to handle them as they can
  7. I'd rather my kids to be really aware of where eggs and meats come from!
  8. It would also encourage us to be more of a family, spending time together working on something that will return with something - produce
  9. I'd like to have my kids to be more healthy and happy in the 'big' space here
  10. How many more do you want? ;)
In a way, it is not a big change because we have not renounced our way of living nor have we moved so far away, away from families and friends.

This blog is my way of 'writing' what I have experienced, done and thinking of with our place and to let others see what's happening here.

Do feel free to ask or comment!

Cheers till later!

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